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Klopp pays tribute to deadly Dortmund

Thursday 22 November 2012 0.00 CET
Jürgen Klopp's Dortmund side are assured of top spot in Group D

Frank de Boer, Ajax coach
I was angry at half-time. Dortmund had a free-kick and we were just standing there sleeping on the pitch. [Mario] Götze was allowed to easily control the ball. We have to organise ourselves better at such moments, because at this level something like that is quickly punished very severely.

Halfway through the first half things were reasonable for us, but the power towards the other goal was lacking. In the second half we have shown that more, but I find it a concern when you see how many goals we concede. In every detail you can see that Dortmund have played a lot of these kind of matches. The class is just shining all over them.

I think we had an average of 70% possession, but we gave the goals away very clumsily. We certainly could have avoided three of them. That, I think, is the worst thing about this match.

Jürgen Klopp, Dortmund coach
It was not a walk in the park and everyone that was here today saw that. Ajax had a lot more possession, but we put in a very disciplined performance. The goals were all nicely created and well timed. Ajax were tricky opponents, even if the result doesn't suggest that.

We scored the goals at the right times. It wasn't an easy game, although the result might suggest otherwise. The boys have developed a lot and they are still all quite young. But apart from talent, you also need to have the clinical scoring factor in your team. We scored goals today that we didn't score last season, despite already having the quality on board then.

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