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Mancini chasing dramatic reversal of fortune

Wednesday 7 November 2012 0.17 CET
Roberto Mancini says his Manchester City can still pull off an unlikely qualification

Roberto Mancini, Manchester City manager
I think that we played well. We conceded two goals from corners, then the game was changed, but after that we played very well, and created lots of chances. It is finished. I always believe in my team but now I think it is very difficult. We have two more difficult games left, which we have to try and win. If we win two games, get eight points and go through, we can win the Champions League, it is simple – if our destiny is this then we should win the Champions League.

We had a chance to win in the [Santiago] Bernabéu but we made some mistakes, against Ajax away it was the same, we did not play well but we took the lead and had two chances to score the second goal but we didn’t take the chances. It was the same thing tonight, but it is finished.

Frank de Boer, Ajax coach
Before the match started, we would have taken a 2-2 draw here. But after the match I have the feeling that the players were actually disappointed with the result. We could have delivered a hammer knockout blow to City.

It is a good sign that the players were disappointed with this result. We could have taken a giant step tonight. That they scored their second goal out of nothing was very disappointing for us. But you know when you play here, it will get tough. In the second half it was difficult for the first ten minutes, but after that things went well again.

They just have a lot of quality, though, so I can only be proud of my boys. If we could have been more precise with our opportunities, like for instance Eriksen at the end, we could have won it. Although the goal could have come for them.

We will have to wait and see what happens now, but of course this puts us in a stronger position. But Dortmund are one of the strongest teams in Europe in my opinion, so it will become extremely difficult. If we beat Dortmund at home we are certain of third place. We aim to stay in the Champions League, and although Dortmund are very strong, we proved over there that we are capable of playing good football. And at home we have the support of our own fans, who were also fantastic today.

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