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@EuropaMike puts your Twitter questions to Gullit

Tuesday 26 February 2013 12.37 CET
Ruud Gullit answered users' questions posted on the @EuropaMike Twitter feed

With a week still to catch your breath between the UEFA Europa League rounds of 32 and 16, the fans' voice of the competition on Twitter, @EuropaMike, asked users to send in their questions for former AC Milan, Chelsea FC and Netherlands forward Ruud Gullit. The 50-year-old had his say on this season's potential finalists, which current players he would like to play with, and the best hairstyle in the modern game.

@LewisRexter and @ameen193101: Who do you think will win the Europa League this season?

Ruud Gullit: It's tough to call but I think Tottenham will win it. I do not know why but I like them and they play some good football.

@leiaskywalkers: Which Italian side do you think could get the closest to winning the Europa League?

Gullit: It will be tough for Inter and Lazio. I do not think they will get to the final but they have a good chance.

@96Dodds: Which of the English sides would you say have the best chance of winning the Europa League this season?

Gullit: Chelsea will get far and they are a club that is in my heart but I am still sticking to my original answer which is Tottenham.

@The_Nenae: Which two teams would you like to see in the final?

Gullit: I would love to see Tottenham play Chelsea in the final – it would be too close to call in terms of who would win but it would be a great game. If Ajax had got to the final it would have been crazy.

@ArgHotspur: What do you think about Gareth Bale?

Gullit: He's a good player, he's playing really well at the moment and I would like to see if he stays at Tottenham.

@Daffa12Fauzan: Who is the best Chelsea player at the moment?

Gullit: Juan Mata – he has a good influence on the team and he makes things happen for them.

@sasekumar17: In the Chelsea squad, who reminds you of yourself?

Gullit: Nobody. It is not because I am cocky but every player is unique, they all have their own style.

@Jackdarby2405 and @OssieTheKing_: Who was the best player you played with in your career?

Gullit: Marco van Basten because he is the best striker that I ever played alongside. He was a great player and now he is coaching at Heerenveen.

@turco58: Who was the most difficult player you played against?

Gullit: That is a good question – I would have to say former Bayern, Juventus and Dortmund defender Jürgen Kohler. He was so difficult to score against.

@iamdavidhall: If you could play with any current player who would it be and why?

Gullit: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I am not going to just pick one. They are the best there is, the best players in the world.

@JamzyAdam: Robin van Persie or Ruud van Nistelrooy?

Gullit: That is not a fair question! They are two different players, who played in different eras and they have a different style.

@endiependent: You had a unique hairstyle back then; who do you think is the player with the best hair now?

Gullit: Stephan El Shaarawy and his mohawk. If you are going to stand out because of your hair or your boots you have to be a good player.

@HENRYweir_: What was the most memorable goal you scored in your career?

Gullit: It was the opening goal in the 1988 European Championship final of course. It was a great occasion.

@Gaboschini: Do you think if Lionel Messi was playing with you in the late 80s and early 90s he would have been the best?

Gullit: It is difficult – in my playing days Diego Maradona was the best and I cannot really compare. People like to compare but it is very hard to judge players from different eras.

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